Aki Hata Originals
Making-of video “バイバイ、永遠に。/ Bye-bye, forever.”


[On the train, at the station? We bring you scenes from our music video shoots!]
Aki Hata’s the music video “Bye-bye, forever.” music video was filmed at Choshi Dentetsu’s train car and station. Please enjoy the cute interior of the train, the wonderful station, and the scenery of Chiba.

バイバイ、永遠に。/ Bye-bye, forever. Music video

君の目の王国 – 懐古庭園 Vol.06 –
All songs preview of “The kingdom in your eyes – KAIKO Garden Vol.06″

Streaming: NCTR-1015 / NECTARIZER

Cast: Aki Hata 畑亜貴, ThankYouTatsuo サンキュータツオ
Cast(animals): Misuzu Daimaru 大丸美鈴、Shoko Kuma 熊祥子、Shohei Hosokawa 細川翔平、Akihide Egashira 江頭明秀

– Making-of video staff –
Logo & Thumbnail designer: Tomohiko Mizuguchi 水口智彦
Videographer, video Editor, sound engineer: Mizuki Ohno 大野瑞稀

– Sound staff –
Instrumental: 「バイバイ、永遠に。/ Bye-bye, forever.」
Lyric & composed by Aki Hata 畑亜貴
Arranged & Mixed by Masamichi Nishioka 西岡正通
Guitar: Masamichi Nishioka 西岡正通
Bass: Hiroshi Sekita セキタヒロシ
Harmonica: Koei Tanaka 田中光栄

Produced by Aki Hata 畑亜貴



The music video and full length version of “Bye-bye, forever.” was created by L’espace Film and the staff they arranged. I’m really indebted to them for giving me a hand with this project.