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風野稀人 / A rare species standing in the wind-blown fields

PlayStation2 「少女義経伝・弐~刻を超える契り~」収録曲「風野稀人」を、ゲームサイズからフルサイズの歌曲へと進化させた完全版。風の中を人は駆け抜け命を燃やし、やがて燃え尽きる。これは蝶が見た夢? 現を超えたサウンドを池田暁監督が映像で表現。儚さ妖しさ愛おしさをお楽しみください。

[This is a butterfly’s dream, burn your life for your dream.]
The game song “A rare species standing in the wind-blown fields” (Japanese title “Kaze no marebito”) for PlayStation2 “Syojyo yoshitsuneden2 -Toki wo koeru chigiri-“. This is the complete version of the song, evolving from game size to full size. People run through the wind, their lives burn and eventually burn out. Is this a dream seen by a butterfly? Director Satoru Ikeda expresses the sound beyond the present with images. Please enjoy the fragility, the mysteriousness, and the love.


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Sound produced, performed, composed by Aki Hata 畑亜貴
Arranger, Guitar: Masamichi Nishioka 西岡正通
Bass: Hiroshi Sekita セキタヒロシ
Chorus: Junko Fukuda 福田純子, Kengo Yuuki 結城賢吾

– Sound Staff –
Director: Masato Miyazawa 宮澤正人
Recording, Mix & Mastering Engineer: Masamichi Nishioka 西岡正通

– Movie Cast –
Saki Kato 加藤紗希
Mimi Haba 波場美海
Emika Akatsuka 赤塚咲歌

– Movie Staff –
Director: Akira Ikeda 池田暁

Line Producer, Title Designer: Wakako Morikawa 森川和歌子
Cinematographer: Hirotatsu Koarai 小荒井寛達
Assistant Director: Yohei Shikano 鹿野洋平
Production Asistant: Keisuke Nishiyama 西山啓介, Hironori Koyama 小山弘訓
Hair & Make Up: Yoshinori Ito 伊藤吉範 (畑亜貴), Ayami Shimizu 清水彩美 (Cast)
Choreographer: Saki Kato 加藤紗希
Special Thanks: 旧芦山浄水場 / Former Ashiyama Purification Plant
水戸市上下水道局水道部 / Mito Waterworks and Sewerage Bureau
水戸市みとの魅力発信課 / Mito Promotion Section